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Five criteria for high-quality Raman microscopes


Executive Summary

“Five criteria for high-quality Raman microscopes” provides a comprehensive introduction to correlative Raman techniques and describes five key factors to consider when evaluating instrumentation: speed, sensitivity, resolution, modularity, and combinability are some of the characteristics that can be used to identify a high-quality Raman microscope. Ideally, the imaging system features such configurations simultaneously providing high signal-to-noise ratios and easy accessibility.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Receive an introduction to the fundamentals of enhanced 3D Raman imaging at the highest spectral and spatial resolution.
  • Be presented with evidence of how correlative Raman microscopy can provide a more complete understanding of a sample.
  • Learn about the key factors that can be used as criteria for determining the quality of confocal Raman microscopes.


Who Should Read this Whitepaper:

  • This whitepaper will be of interest to Raman newcomers as well as experienced spectroscopists or microscopists from academia and industry. This includes R&D scientists and engineers interested in state-of-the-art chemical and structural characterization techniques.


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