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Enhanced Measurement Throughput of Sensitive External Quantum Efficiency Characterization for Solar Cell and Photodetector Devices


Executive Summary

In this document, we demonstrate a new approach to sensitive EQE (sEQE) characterization for measuring the lowest EQE values possible for organic solar cell and photodetector technology research. We cover: conventional instrumentation used for sEQE measurements; an alternate approach that employs a synchronous source measure system to perform DC I-V sweeps and lock-in detection of a device's induced AC photocurrent; and results of measurements performed on a C60:ZnPc organic solar cell device.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the role of sEQE measurements when characterizing organic solar cells
  • Know the limitations of conventional sEQE measurement setups, particularly those relating to the varying photocurrent of devices
  • Learn how the combination of synchronized, multichannel lock-in acquisition and current autoranging can provide a more efficient approach to sEQE spectroscopy for solar cell research


Who Should Read this Whitepaper:

  • Researchers developing materials for photovoltaic devices


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