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Looking into Batteries with RISE Microscopy


Executive Summary

Understanding structure-composition-property-performance relationships is fundamental in developing more powerful, long-lived, and affordable lithium-ion batteries. Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron (RISE) microscopy is an extremely useful technology for investigating the compositions of battery electrodes at the nanoscale. By utilizing integrated Raman microscopy and SEM within a common vacuum chamber, researchers can quickly visualize structural and chemical information acquired from the battery’s internal components, such as molecular composition, grain fractures, and degradation processes at the electrodes. Here we show how RISE microscopy can document changes in new and used electrodes and provide insight to aid the development of batteries with greater longevity.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the fundamentals of 3D Raman imaging at the highest spectral and spatial resolution.
  • See how correlative Raman microscopy can provide a more complete understanding of a sample than can single techniques in isolation.
  • Learn about the benefits of correlative Raman-AFM and Raman-SEM imaging for the analysis of energy-storage materials.

Who Should Read this Whitepaper:

  • Researchers who have an interest in correlative Raman and electron microscope investigations.
  • Analytical scientists who want to extract more precise structural, crystalline, and chemical information from their nanoanalytical measurement.
  • Scientists and lab managers who work in R&D and aim to improve their energy-storage materials.


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